12 essential tips on how to increase hotel revenue and occupancy in 2021

February 8, 2021

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Today’s world invites us to achieve what we want virtually and in a few gestures. In the context of innovative and fast proposals, accommodation reservation systems are not exempt from this virtue. At CultBay, we propose an innovative service that allows hotels and accommodation providers to integrate 14 eBay marketplaces as sales channels, fully functional in their own sales mix. Here we offer you 12 essential tips on how to increase hotel revenue and occupancy in 2021.

1. New markets for selling

Currently, the online reservation market is led by Booking, Expedia, and Airbnb, among others. Platforms such as eBay and its free competition proposal offer various benefits to a constant growth and transformation market.

More than 180 million users participate in eBay. There is the possibility of synchronizing reservations with your property management system in real-time and with an integrated availability calendar on this platform. Besides, special offers can be promoted for interested customers: weekend packages, wellness, and restaurant discount vouchers, and last-minute offers on various vacation packages.

2. Sell special hotel offer packages and deals

Upsells and packages are among the most effective strategies for increasing hotel revenue and occupancy. Offering them is a great way to invite guests to choose your hotel over one of your competitors. Most people are attracted to special discounts, deals, and packages.

CultBay packages are attractive and have a corporate flair. Through blogging, social media outreach, and email marketing campaigns, awareness of the activities, events, and packages available were raised. In this way, we get business and leisure travelers to book a package or stay.

3. Use social media platforms to their full potential

Today, everything is photographic and capable of being shared on Instagram. For this reason, the hotel world takes this into account when designing its spaces and marketing strategies on social networks. For example, users browse Instagram, discover lovely places through other people’s photos, and that helps them decide on their next trip. If you have or work in a hotel, it is critical to explore the different alternatives offered by this social network to reach more customers.

4. Awareness of your hotel brand

The personal brand is a way of selling yourself to companies but also of knowing your value. eBay was born in the mid-1990s after computer expert Pierre Omidyar spent the weekend of the Labor Day celebration coding on his personal computer. Since then, this brand and its reputation have not stopped growing. eBay’s endorsement is key to CultBay’s reputation and the trust this partnership generates in customers.

5. Increase direct bookings & reduce OTA contribution

It is vital to achieve direct bookings and reduce the participation of intermediaries. And it is essential to have your website (which can be seen very well on a mobile phone) regularly update the content and use SEO optimization to appear in the first search engines.

6. Grow meetings business

Through corporate events, organizations approach and improve relationships with customers, partners, and employees. Also, they are ideal for cultivating the right environment. The key to success in this business is knowing your customers. The more knowledge you have about them, the easier it will be for you to get their attention.

7. Grow average daily rate

When you analyze confirmed future reservations, you will notice that the hotel’s occupancy level is high or above average on specific dates. In these cases, it is convenient to increase the sales rates for these dates. Besides, it is an excellent opportunity to make special offers on the most expensive rooms.

8. Suggest protection by focusing on cleanliness

According to a survey, 75% of guests want the hotel to have specific Covid-19 cleaning standards and that the protocols are clearly defined. Those responsible need to intensify cleaning procedures, respect physical distancing, wear masks, and do not have any physical contact, among other recommendations. It is crucial to be permanently informed about the city’s regulations where your hotel is located. Keep in mind that these regulations suffer modifications regularly due to the time we live.

9. Invest in technology

With a much more innovative profile, the hotel sector offers a proposal more adapted to the clients’ needs, driven by the latest technologies and big data. That is why a new approach to hotel service is suggested: the possibility of checking in or checking out through mobile applications from phones, avoiding the use of desk phones, for example.

10. Consider alternate revenue streams

Alternative sources of income are essential at this time that we must live. Consider creating co-working spaces or remodelling rooms that make an office feel like home. The workspace must meet the needs of each of the people who will work in it. Although space is limited, everyone should have everything they need to do their daily work.

11. Rent parking spots

A prevalent problem, especially in large cities, is car parking. If your hotel is in a busy metropolitan area or close to events, you have the opportunity to rent parking spaces. For this, it is essential to add this offer to those already existing within your hotel’s products.

12. Gain essential feedback from online reviews

Your hotel runs the risk of losing revenue if your potential customers come across negative comments from former guests. It is crucial to motivate guests to give positive and constructive feedback, even though they may have experienced some discontent during their stay.

We hope these tips have been helpful and provide you with valuable and practical information to increase your hotel revenue. It is essential to have up-to-date tools and a good reserve sales system to achieve higher income. Remember that CultBay supports eBay’s fixed price bidding and auction formats. Using our platform, you will reach many customers looking to buy a package instantly for a fixed price.

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