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It is good to know that years ago, hotels did not allocate resources for fraud prevention. Today, hotels are one of the main targets of professional scammers who use technology to break into systems. For them, they use straightforward tools such as phishing and other more sophisticated ones.

People change, which gives rise to new paradigms, which redefine what we need to live better. And the same is true in the hotel industry. Technology allows us to better understand what we have to do to satisfy guests and, at the same time, maximize the benefits of our hotel services.

We are living an exceptional moment in our lives. Due to Covid19, the world economy had an unprecedented recession in 2020. Throughout last year world tourism suffered as never before in its history, with all that that implies: loss of jobs, closure of an establishment and an endless list of consequences.

Today’s world faces an unprecedented situation. The Coronavirus pandemic changed our habits, and we have no choice: we have to adapt to the new normal. As Charles Darwin said: “It is not the strongest species that survives, nor the most intelligent. But the one that best adapts to change”. In times of pandemic, the hotel’s success…

The Covid-19 pandemic marked a before and after in our recent history. Global activity suffered, and various economic sectors were affected. In particular, the industry related to tourism. Airlines and hotel, among other service sectors, had to reformulate their cost centres to survive in 2020 due to the deep drop in reservation and occupancy levels.

On eBay, we sell not only special deals and offers but the property itself together with services. It is important to tell your guests about where they are going to stay and what facilities you can present.

1. Before adding a new property Sign in to the CultBay or register an account if don’t have it.

Before starting working with CultBay you need to create an account. It will guarantee that all data saved securely and available only for your account.

If you are an existing user of the CultBay system then Sign In with an authorization form.

The time has changed. And it will continue changing in various areas, especially in the hotel industry. Today, Internet hotel reservations contribute significantly to increase the revenues of hotels around the world. These reservations are made through various channels. On the one hand, the channel proposed by the “big players” in the market …

Are you in the hotel industry and want to generate new income alternatives? Let us tell you that with very little investment, selling on eBay is a viable option. Nowadays, more and more accommodations are being offered on eBay.

CultBay offers two ways to fill in property data: using Wizard – creating a property manually or by importing data from The second option is a fully automatic process. Loading data takes less than an hour. When it’s ready, you can change it as you wish. This is a good …

Today’s world invites us to achieve what we want virtually and in a few gestures. In the context of innovative and fast proposals, accommodation reservation systems are not exempt from this virtue.  At CultBay, we propose an innovative service that allows hotels a…