Five reasons why you should sell hotel vouchers on eBay

1. Reach out to millions of new guests
2. Steer guests into off-peak times
3. Create liquidity immediately
4. Connect your channel manager with eBay
5. Generate traffic to your website

No Credit Card Required

€ 150 m

Revenue on eBay

90 sec

1 selling on eBay

1.3 m

vouchers sold on eBay

€ 70 avg

selling price per roomnight

Get the most out of eBay


Distribution channel

Synchronise availabilities and bookings with your PMS in real-time. Bookings are made exclusively via an integrated availability calendar, no need to arrange stays through calls and emails.



Promote your packages:

– Weekend packages
– Wellness or restaurant vouchers
– Last-minute offers
– Holiday arrangements


Yield management

The availability calendar allows you to make bookings that you want. Set the possible arrival dates via your PMS or Channel Manager. In this way, you can direct your guests to times of low occupancy and increase sales and profit.


Direct payment

All incoming payments from the sold vouchers are transferred directly to your bank account. You can dispose of your money instantly.


Professional presentation

Short trips are decided emotionally. Therefore, inspire your guests with large pictures and attractive texts. With CultBay you can present yourself on eBay in an individual and professional way.


Largest marketplace

From where do your guests come? Increase your sales with guests from 14 different eBay markets worldwide and target over 180 million active buyers with attractive fixed price offers and auctions.

Our Vision

With CultBay, we are turning eBay into a fully functional distribution channel that integrates seamlessly into the hotels’ existing infrastructure. This makes eBay an ideal addition to the distribution mix and should not be missing in any hotel.


Managing Director

How it Works

Voucher Creation

Create an offer and a voucher in a few minutes. The voucher is valid for a maximum of 3 years and is subject to availability.

If you wish, we can take over the preparation of the offer and the sale for you.


All data synchronises in real-time between eBay and the hotel through the connection to PMS and Channel Manager. The availability calendar updates automatically.

Send daily prices with the data and thus dynamise the availability calendar. When the daily price reaches a certain threshold value, the date closes automatically. This prevents nights from being booked on eBay that you can sell better on other channels. Hence, eBay automatically tunes your occupancy.

Selling on eBay

With eBay, you reach over 180 million active buyers on 14 international marketplaces.

On average, depending on the size of the hotel, a revenue of € 10.000 to € 50.000 p.a. can be achieved. On average, 40% of this comes from auctions and 60% from fixed price offers.

For each offer sold, the offer page was viewed 113 times (conversion 0.88%) and the listing was displayed 3400 times (click-through rate: 3.3%).

The costs are really reasonable: In the UK the listing is free and the sales commission is as low as 6%.

CultBay ebay

Purchase Confirmation

The purchase of the voucher and the payment is done on eBay. The buyer receives an email with the voucher and a link that leads to a booking page where the voucher can be redeemed. The buyer selects an arrival date and books the stay. The availability calendar is continuously synchronised with the hotel, making it a real-time booking. All booking data are automatically transferred to the hotel. The voucher is also marked as redeemed in the voucher management.

This booking page can be individualised, i.e. it can also be used for upselling and personalised offers based on the guest’s preferences. In addition, newsletter subscriptions and memberships in loyalty programs can be offered.

Get Paid

The hotel receives the payment instantly after the purchase of the offer on eBay, regardless of whether the voucher has already been redeemed and regardless of the guest’s arrival date.

The purchase can be cancelled within 30 days if the voucher has not been redeemed yet. Once the booking has been made, cancellation is no longer possible.

Up to 30% of the vouchers are never redeemed. After three years at the latest, unredeemed vouchers can be claimed as profit. “No-shows” become instant profit.


Flat Fee Model

Fixed subscription

€ 25 p.m.

Regardless of the number of clicks and the volume of sales, you only pay a fixed amount, namely € 25 p.m. with annual payment.

If you pay monthly, the price is € 29.

With annual payment, you save 13.8%

Advanced Plan

Pay only if you sell

7% sales

The full service to get the most out of your eBay voucher sale and brand promotion.

Our fee is 7% of the sales proceeds, payable after monthly billing.

There are no setup fees or other costs.

cultBay full service

CPC Model

Cost per click for an offer view

€ 0.15 click

If you see eBay as a marketing tool and traffic generator rather than a primary sales channel then this model is right for you.

It is a perfect model to start selling on eBay without any investment.


cultBay full service
Unlimited eBay packages offers
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pricing cultbay

Sync with channel managers

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pricing cultbay

Availability calendar

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pricing cultbay

Support with accommodation configuration

pricing cultbay
pricing cultbay

Support with creation packages offers 

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pricing cultbay

Support with an eBay account

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Support from our marketing consultants

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Fast technical support

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Technical support

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* No setup fee. Additionally, properties have to pay eBay fees and Paypal fees. EBay fees are in Germany 0.35 EUR for fixed price offers and 0.50 EUR for auctions plus 11% commission fee (per month).

Supported Management Channels

Channel Rush
mapping master
myallocator CultBay
secra CultBay
Site Minder
Smart Hotel
swisstours CultBay support Channel Manager
viato CultBay support


CultBay is an innovative technical service provider that enables hotels and accommodation providers to integrate 14 eBay marketplaces as a full functional sales channel into their own distribution mix.

  • Sell your offers on one of the largest marketplaces in the world
  • Sales commissions on eBay are as low as 6% (UK), 9% (Germany) or 10% (USA)
  • Perfect for filling rooms in low seasons
  • eBay is connected to your Channel Manager
  • Traffic from eBay can be directed to your own website
  • Sold offers are paid immediately and payments are transferred directly to your bank account
  • Buyers can only withdraw within 30 days and only if they have not booked yet
  • Up to 30% of the vouchers are never redeemed
  • eBay increases your profit

CultBay supports both formats: Auction and fixed price offers.

Auctions receive a starting price and are sold to the highest bidder, while fixed-price offers allow buyers to purchase a package immediately at a fixed price.

In order to maximise revenues, we recommend using both eBay formats: Auctions starting at 1.00 EUR and fixed price offers at regular prices.

Auctions run for 7-10 days and attract a lot of attention during this time. However, once a guest has decided on an offer, he does not want to wait until the end of the auction to buy it, because it is unclear whether his bid will win the auction and the desired dates are still available at that time. Therefore, eBayers often buy the fixed price offer.

Even if an auction starts with 1.00 EUR, there is enough demand in strong markets (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK, USA) to raise the price to 60-80 EUR per night.

In other countries (e.g. Italy, France, Spain), auctions should be handled with caution, as demand is not as high and prices may then be lower.

The availability calendar is updated in real-time from the hotel’s channel manager. The hotelier only has to open or close the availabilities in the channel.

The Channel Manager can also send price information. When the price reaches a certain threshold, the date is automatically closed on eBay.

In CultBay there are two ways of filling the availability calendar:
1) Via the channel manager. CultBay is an independent distribution channel in the channel management system.
2) Via the CultBay extranet. If a hotel does not have any channel management system, availabilities can be fed in via the CultBay extranet.

Payments are made directly from eBay to the hotelier’s PayPal account once the buyer has paid on eBay.

In future, eBay wants to handle the payment processing itself. eBay will then make payments directly to hotelier’s bank account within 2 business days after purchase.

In the CultBay extranet there is a voucher management system in which the sold vouchers and their status are visible at all times.

Yes, this is possible. CultBay has a multi-property function which allows you to easily switch between the individual accommodations.

No, we made it much more convenient: The CultBay extranet offers the possibility of automatically importing all data from and creating the offer from this data.

If you already have an eBay account, we can use this account.

We do not want to bind anybody long-term. Every contract can be terminated with 30 days’ notice to the end of the month.

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