How can hotels make money during Covid19?

May 10, 2021

How can hotels make money during Covid19?

We are living an exceptional moment in our lives. Due to Covid19, the world economy had an unprecedented recession in 2020. Throughout last year world tourism suffered as never before in its history, with all that that implies: loss of jobs, closure of an establishment and an endless list of consequences.

This caused, for several months, a change in our habits. Even many business travellers decided to adapt to the new normal, holding online meetings and ditching face-to-face. We know that change is not easy, but we have no other option while the pandemic lasts.

To cope with this situation, hotels took a lot of steps to survive. And this is knowing that the pandemic will last a long time. But, for now, they intervened in controlling their costs, adapted their services to current technology and automation, and carried out special training for their staff.

We know that the economy is not the same as in previous years. The same happens with the reservation levels in hotels, national and international flights, the contracting of tourist packages, and so much more.

But no evil lasts a hundred years.

At this time, the most important thing is to survive. Therein lies the success. For that, the important thing is to make intelligent decisions.

Some say it will no longer return to pre-pandemic tourism levels. Others argue that there will be a tourist explosion after the pandemic, and people will do nothing but travel around the world.

Meanwhile, you have to imagine what the future of our hotels will be like planning, strategizing and preparing for what will come after the virus.

eBay deals

At CultBay, we firmly believe that there is still a demand for special offers despite the uncertainty and slowdown in travel. With the launch of the CultBay system, we promote support to hotel service providers and cooperation and collaboration with the eBay website.

Hotels usually have golf, spa, restaurant, and many other services. In an offer promotion system, with CultBay, we managed to mobilize all these products and many more. This initiative provides instant revenue that enables hotels to keep their room lights on, pay staff salaries, and at the same time help business resume as usual.

At the same time, costs can also be offset by not redeeming – companies understand that not all coupons sold are saved. This could be a factor in determining which discounted hotels can offer guests to purchase during a given period.

Meanwhile, did you know that on eBay, together with CultBay, your guests can buy vouchers and reserve the date of stay?

Here’s what we did: CultBay transferred the eBay platform to a fully functional reservation system, with more than 182 million users worldwide. This expansion is so significant that it can be compared to the flow of The big difference is that in CultBay, instead of selling just one room night, what you sell to your guest are the emotions of a combination of unique offers with one room night.

What we do

As we have already discussed, eBay enables hotel offerings on its platform to achieve enormous potential and high visibility. Hotel postings on eBay from CultBay increase the number of reservations exponentially. The platform is prepared to take the pace of reservations to another level, contributing to the positioning of each hotel’s brand and providing customers with the level of confidence necessary for them to enjoy a satisfactory experience. It is worth noting that the offers are offered in the main tourist markets of the world. More and more people are making online reservations of all kinds: hotel accommodation, plane tickets, excursions and much more. But what are they looking for the most? The best services with discounts and additional services. Simple as that.

eBay is one of the world’s first online marketplaces. You may not remember much of it, but it was founded in 1995, and it has been a fundamental part of the online market ecosystem. It is currently the second-largest online sales site in North America, after Amazon. Recently, eBay focused its business on specific purchases, starting with special prices and attractive discounts. Thus, on eBay, you can find anything, and among that great offer hotel and tourist services, which is what CultBay offers.

The model is straightforward: contact buyers and sellers. The operations are so many that more than 2 billion transactions occur per day. To get a better idea of ​​the size of eBay, it is good to know that in 2019 it had revenues of more than 10 billion dollars. With speed and technical support, eBay provides its customers with a comfortable and secure service through a dynamic, friendly, and secure online platform.

In summary, from CultBay, we invite everyone to try our system and the platform developed to sell accommodations in partnership with eBay. As a result, hundreds of thousands of customers trust the platform, making their hotel reservations through vouchers and special offers.

The advancement of vaccination globally will bring good news very soon. We must be patient. As we said, no evil lasts a hundred years, and we believe that tourism will take a speed never known. Meanwhile, we have to take care of ourselves, respect social distancing and take the corresponding precautions when washing our hands and taking care of our hygiene.

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