Boost your hotel occupancy in 2021

April 08, 2021

Boost your hotel occupancy in 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic marked a before and after in our recent history. Global activity suffered, and various economic sectors were affected. In particular, the industry related to tourism. Airlines and hotel, among other service sectors, had to reformulate their cost centres to survive in 2020 due to the deep drop in reservation and occupancy levels.

Without a doubt, it was the worst year in the history of tourism, with a billion fewer international arrivals. According to data from the World Tourism Organization, world tourism recorded its worst year in 2020, with a 74% drop in international arrivals. Currently, one in three tourist destinations is closed due to the pandemic. In this context, the pandemic meant an economic loss for the sector estimated at 1.3 trillion dollars, to put it in monetary terms.

At the same time, and with the appearance of vaccines, this reality is changing. It is estimated that in 2021 tourism will rebound and that by 2023 it will return to pre-pandemic levels. We all hope so.

Occupancy / Revenue

It is clear and evident that the higher the occupancy, the hotels have more income. In the days before the pandemic, global hotel occupancy moved between 50% and 80%. Now, that rate is much lower. 

Without a doubt, the income depends on the occupation. But also creativity, which is why many appeal to promotions, discounts, unique gifts and other alternatives so that passengers feel attracted to make their reservations at certain hotels.

At CultBay, we have a team that thinks 24 hours a day, enhancing hotel occupancy through research and informational resources. This article offers you ten ways to increase hotel occupancy in these new times that we have to live.

1. New markets for selling

One way to find new markets and suggest a unique experience to your customers is by using CultBay, which has enormous access to eBay’s customer market. You can see what we wrote about that in our post: New markets for high traffic hotels

CultBay is an eBay provider exclusively and allows direct reservations for hotel products. Payment is made immediately, and the voucher can be redeemed within three years. In our post How to sell hotel deals and specials on eBay? We explain the different ways that exist to market and promote hotel deals.

2. Promote special hotel packages

It is vital to create packages that have a plus and are attractive to customers. Today, the room offer is nothing new. Adding a plus will attract the attention of your potential customers. For example, it is adding spa treatment services, access to a gym, a welcome drink and much more. In times of skinny pockets, promotions become essential.

3. Collaborate with local attractions

Collaborating with local attractions is an excellent way to generate more recognition. This can be done by sending announcements or writing articles in newspapers, magazines and blogs, with relevant information about the things that can be done at the destination.

4. Culture events

Creativity is critical when conducting promotions. For this reason, we suggest promoting reservations by providing information on cultural events, special one-day conferences, art exhibitions, musical shows and any other attraction that takes place during the week. Indeed, social distancing does not allow the realization of certain events, but they are re-emerging little by little, which is excellent news.

5. Promote your space to local companies

A hotel offers much more than accommodation services. For this reason, we suggest promoting the spaces that the hotel has among local companies. They can use it for meetings, weddings, shows, social events and much more. These strategic alliances are essential in times of crisis. We must always keep in mind that, in difficult times, we have to work more united than ever in our communities.

6. Offer specials lunch meals

Special lunches are highly sought after bonus in all cities of the world. If you are your hotel restaurant owner, offer an exceptional and attractive promotion at a lower price than the dishes published on the menu. This is very popular with office workers and tourists, who are also fans of special offers. In addition to promotions, a complimentary drink can be offered, consisting of a small snack.

7. Weddings in 2021

Without a doubt, at CultBay, we are convinced that 2021 will be the year of weddings and links. In 2020 there were many limitations due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and many couples postponed their wedding. We consider that it is the ideal time to promote these events, generating new business opportunities.

8. Discounts for local attractions

An excellent way to create a hook with your customers is by offering them special discounts. These can be to access different city attractions: tickets to museums, sports shows, cultural events, restaurants discounts, deals for practising sports and much more.

9. Use social media to promote any special deals or news

Social networks have been here to stay for years. Through actions we carry out on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter, among others, we ensure that our clients are informed. Sharing special offers and news about the events that take place is essential. The same as telling stories about your hotel, the services it provides, sharing photos of the rooms, the services they have, how they are decorated, and much more.

10. Tell about safety in the hotel

Safety is commanding. In some cities, exceedingly the most populous, guests pay special attention to each hotel’s security system. It is imperative to explain how your hotel’s security system works, and at the same time, guests do not feel invaded by their privacy.


At CultBay, we are convinced that it is possible to keep your hotel’s occupancy at a high level, even in times of crisis. Even increase it, building a solid hotel brand, which allows achieving greater profitability. We can help you achieve goals in this direction. Currently, hundreds of clients trust CultBay and join this new reservation system with their hotels. We invite you to learn more about selling vouchers on eBay at our site

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